October 29

Where did the witch go?


Where did the witch go? Where did the wizard go?

去樂園遊玩Go to the amusement park

去逛街買衣服. Go shopping to buy clothes.

去上廁所Go to the restroom

去飲品店喝水Go to the beverage shop to drink water

去餐廳吃飯Go to a restaurant to eat.

去寵物店買小狗Go to a pet store to buy a puppy.

去寵物店買小貓Go to a pet store to buy a kitten.

去看電影Go to the movies

去找朋友喝茶聊天Go find friends to drink tea and chat

去廚房工作Work in the kitchen

去搭飛機Go on a plane

去南瓜田,玩牌Go to the pumpkin patch and play cards

去嚇唬人To scare people.

去上學Go to school

去睡覺Go to bed

去街上,要糖果Go to the street and ask for candy

回家休息Go home and rest

去圖書館 Go to the library.

去公園玩, 看書Go to the park and read a book.

去游泳池找朋友Go to the swimming pool and meet friends

去健身房Go to the gym

去海邊,看風景Go to the beach and see the scenery.


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