October 29

Working Bees

作詞:唐蔚芸 作曲:曹登昌

小蜜蜂 飛花叢 草兒青青花香濃
Little bees fly among the flowers. The grass is green, and the flowers are fragrant. the fragrance of flowers is strong.
李花白 桃花紅 百花齊放迎春風Plum blossoms are white, peach blossoms are red, all flowers bloom, welcoming the spring breeze.
小蜜蜂 飛花房 繞著花兒想吃糖The little bees flies(buzzing) around the flower house and wants to eat sweets.hovering around the flowers, craving honey.
花姐姐 真大方 滿滿甜蜜隨你嚐Sister flowers, you are so generous and full of sweetness for you to taste.
小蜜蜂 真漂亮 揮著翅膀閃金光The little bee is so beautiful, waving its wings and shining with golden light.shimmering with golden light
花仙子 細思量 聽著蜜蜂低聲唱Flower Fairy, think carefully, listen to the bees singing softly.




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