February 17

Swing your body Exercise.

扭扭體操Swing your body Exercise.
穿上布鞋 保護你的腳
Wear cloth shoes to protect your feet.
換件T恤 扭扭你的腰
Change into a T-shirt and twist your waist.
做個健康寶寶 吃得飽飽,
Be a healthy baby and eat well.
唱唱跳跳 做做體操 就不怕感冒
Sing, dance and do gymnastics to avoid catching a cold.
前踏後點 小心別摔倒,
step forward and step back. Be careful not to fall.
畫個圈圈 伸一伸懶腰
Draw a circle and stretch your tired waist.
起床起個大早 要睡得飽飽
Get up early and sleep well.
笑一笑將將將將 一起來 揮揮手手 抬抬腳腳
Laughter will bring people together, wave your hands, raise (lift)your feet。
金雞獨立 你做得到
Stand like a golden rooster, you can do it.
哦哦哦 喝口水 不要飲料
Oh oh oh, drink water, not soda.
扭一扭 左边拍拍 右边敲敲
Twist, clap to the left, tap(knock) on the right.
練練肌肉 練練頭腦
Exercise your muscles, exercise your mind.
跳一跳 像隻小鳥 飛呀飛呀
Jump like a little bird, fly, fly.
用力呼吸 扭扭你的腰
Breathe hard(deeply) and twist your waist.
Keep your head and chest up (with good posture), and you will be in good shape.
做做扭扭體操 東奔西跑
Do some twisting exercises and run around.
Be a healthy baby.
come on! Come on, Go! Go!
Do some twisting exercises, I am the protagonist (leading role),
笑一笑,沒有煩惱。 預備!沒有了!
Smile, no worries. Ready! That’s it.

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