May 12

Weather’s expression

天氣的表情weather’s expression

晴天到處是陽光的笑臉 的笑臉On a sunny day, there are sunny smiling faces everywhere.

雨天是誰在偷偷掉眼淚 掉眼淚Who are secretly shedding tears on rainy days?

陰天好像是雲兒在生悶氣On a cloudy day, it seems like clouds are sulking.

轟隆隆 轟隆Rumble, Boom

大雷小雷在生氣 哇 快跑快跑Big thunder and  small thunder are getting angry. Wow, run, run. quickly.
晴天鳥兒它快樂的歌唱 的歌唱On sunny days, birds sing happily.

雨天有好多水滴在跳舞 在跳舞There are a lot of water droplets dancing on a rainy day.

陰天為大地穿上灰灰衣裳Cloudy days put on gray clothes for the earth.

轟隆隆 轟隆Rumble, Boom

大雷小雷愛生氣 啊 怕怕(不怕不怕)
Big thunder and  small thunder love to be angry, ah, scared (not afraid, not afraid)

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