July 18

FrogSong-Extended learning(2016, 5th)

火烈鳥歌Flamingo Song
一隻火烈鳥一張嘴  ,One flamingo, one mouth.
兩個眼睛兩條腿, Two eyes, two legs,
咕嘟咕嘟捕水蝦.“Gulp, Gulp” eat shrimp out of the water,
火烈鳥喝水不奇怪。The flamingo will drink the water, that’s very normal.
海豚歌 Dolphin song
一隻海豚一張嘴One dolphin, one mouth.
兩個眼睛兩條蹼,Two eyes,  two flippers,
撲通撲通跳下水, “Splash, splash” jump in the water,
海豚不喝水,真奇怪。The dolphin won’t drink the water, how strange it is.
猫咪歌Cat Song
一隻猫咪一條尾 One cat, one tail.
兩個眼睛四條腿,Two eyes, four legs.
喵嗚喵嗚看著水 Meaw, meaw the cat watches the water.
猫咪不碰水,真奇怪。The cat won’t touch the water, how strange is that?
猫頭鷹歌Owl Song
一隻猫頭鷹一張嘴One owl, one beak,
兩個眼睛,兩條腿,Two eyes, two legs,
呼嗖呼嗖飛過水 “Whoosh, whoosh” fly over the water,
猫頭鷹喝水,不奇怪。The owl drinks water, it’s not very strange.
猫咪歌Cat Song
一隻猫咪一張嘴,One cat, one mouth.
兩個眼睛,四條腿,Two eyes, four legs,
撲通撲通落下水 “Splash, splash” fell into the water!
猫咪不喝水,真奇怪。The cat won’t drink the water, how strange it is.
烏龜歌Turtle Song
一隻烏龜一張嘴One turtle, one mouth.
兩個眼睛四條腿,Two eyes, four legs,
撲通撲通跳下水 “Splash, splash” jump in the water
烏龜不喝水,真奇怪。The turtle won’t drink the water, how strange it is

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