January 20

Little Mouse Bei Bei

小老鼠貝貝Little mouse Bei Bei

有一隻可愛的小老鼠叫貝貝。There is a cute little mouse named Beibei.

他和爸爸、媽媽一同住在小洞裡。He lives in a small hole with his father and mother (Daddy & Mommy).

有一天,貝貝在洞口外面玩兒。One day, Beibei was playing outside the hole entrance.

不久,一隻大貓看見了貝貝,Soon(before long), a big cat saw Bei Bei,

就跳過來抓他,貝貝趕快跑進洞裡。Just jumped over to catch him, and Beibei ran into the hole quickly (in a hurry).

爸爸、媽媽看見了,就一起用力學狗叫:Daddy and Mommy saw that, and they got up their strength and imitated a dog barking.

「汪!汪!汪!走開!走開!」”Woof! Woof! Woof! Go away! Go away!”

大貓聽見狗叫,就嚇得跑開了。When the big cat heard the dog barking, it ran away in fright.

Hearing the dogs barking, the big cat got scared and ran away.

貝貝問:「媽媽,你們剛才跟貓說什麼話?我怎麼聽不懂。」Beibei asked, “Mommy, what did you just say to the cat?

How come I could not understand it?”

媽媽說:「那是狗說的語言。」Mommy said, “That’s the language dogs speak.” (That was dog’ s language)

貝貝說:「我也要學那種話。」Beibei said, “I want to learn that kind of language too.”

媽媽說:「很好!多學幾種話,真的很有用。」Mommy said, “Very good! Learning several more languages is really useful.

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