August 4

Reading A Book-B

A早安!文文!Good morning, Wen-Wen

B早啊!Good morning. A你在看什麼書?What are you reading?

B 我正在看一本介紹臺灣文化的書 I am reading a book about Taiwanese culture.

A 這本書好看嗎?Is it interesting?

B 當然好看嘍!你自己看!Of course. Have a look.

A 哇! 真的耶! 這本書是你的嗎?Wow, It is, Is this yours?

B 是呀! Yes.

A 太好了! 我可以跟你借來看嗎?Great, may I borrow it?

B 好啊!你拿去看吧!Sure.  Go ahead.

B 我那裡還有很多本呢!I still have plenty of them.

A 謝謝你,文文,你真是我的好朋友!Thank you, Wen-Wen. You’re a good friend.

A 走吧!我請你喝茶!Let’s go. I’ll buy you a cup of tea.

B 好哇!走!我們要去哪邊喝茶呢?Great,  Let’s go. Where are we going to?



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