August 5

Go to a friend’s house-A

李先生: 王先生在家嗎?
Is Mr. Wang at home?
王太太: 在,請問您貴姓?
Yes, he is. May I ask your name?
李先生: 我叫李文, 我想見王先生。
My name is Li Wen.  I would like to meet Mr. Wang.
王太太: 您請進來坐, 我去告訴他, 您已經來了。
Please have a seat. I will tell him you have arrived.
王先生: 李先生,好久不見。
Mr. Li!  It’s been quite a long time.
李先生: 您忙嗎? 我有點兒事,想請教您。
Are you busy now?  I have something to ask you.
王先生: 您請說,別客氣。
Please feel free and go ahead.


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