August 4

Reading A Book-A

方: 王先生,您在看什麼? Mr. Wang, What are you doing now?
王: 我正在看一本書。I am reading a book.
方: 這本書是誰的? Whose book is this?
王: 這本書是我的。It’s mine.
方: 這是什麼書? What kind of book is it.
王: 這是一本介紹台灣文化的書。It is a book introducing Taiwanese culture.
方: 太好了,可以借給我看嗎? That’s great! Could you lend it to me to read?
王: 當然, 你拿去看吧,我那裡還有第二冊。Of course! Take it and read it.  I also have the second volume.

read a book

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