August 5

Go to a friend’s house-B

早安! 文文    Good morning Wen-Wen

早啊! 請進來坐!Good morning. Come in, Please

你請坐!請喝茶!Have a seat. Tea, Please.

別客氣!我自己來!Thank you. Allow me.

對了!你找我有什麼事嗎?By the way,  What’s up?

我有點事想請教你。I need your advice.

你請說!別客氣!What is it?

我想認識臺灣的文化,你可以告訴我嗎?I want to learn more Taiwanese culture.  Can you tell me?

當然可以!Of course.

你真好!謝謝你!You’re nice. Thanks.

哦!對了!這是上次跟你借的書,我先還給你!Oh, by the way, this is the book that I borrowed. I’d like to return it to you.

嗯!我這裡還有第二冊,你可以看看。Ok, I have volume II. Have a look.

太好了!謝謝你!Great, Thanks.

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