August 8

Making a Phone Call-A

打電話Making a Phone Call

麻煩您, 請找方先生接電話May I ask you to put Mr. Fang on the phone, please?

我就是,您哪位?This is Mr. Fang speaking. And you are…?

我是王明華。 大衛, 您好。I am Wang Ming-Hua. Hello, Ta-Wei.

您好。 有什麼事嗎?Hello. What do you need?

您有李文的電話號碼嗎?Do you have Li Wen’s telephone number?

對不起, 我聽不清楚, 請大聲一點兒I’m sorry. I can’t hear you clearly. Could you speak a little louder please?

電話有雜音, 請掛上電話, 我再撥一次。There is some static on the line. I’ll hang up and call again later.


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