August 8

Making a Phone Call-B

打電話Making a Phone Call
今年的花卉展設計得真好! The design of the flower exhibition this year is great.
是啊! Yes, it is.
欸! 有了! 找芳芳一起來賞花。Right, let’s invite Fang Fang to watch the flowers together.
找你的! It’s for you.
大年嗎? Is this Da-Nian?
我就是, 您哪位? Yes, speaking. Who is this?
我是文文. 大年,您好。This is Wen-Wen. Hello, Da-Nian
文文. 有什麼事嗎?Wen-Wen, What can I do for you?
您有王芳芳的電話號碼嗎? Do you have the phone number of Wang Fang-Fang?
對不起, 我聽不清楚, 請大聲一點兒. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you clearly. Could you speak a little louder please?
電話有雜音, 請掛上電話, 我再撥一次。There is some static on the line. I’ll hang up and call again later.

call B


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