August 9

Buying A Train Ticket-A

買火車票Buying A Train Ticket

我要去臺北,請問下一班火車什麼時候開?I would like to go to Taipei. May I ask when the next train departs?

十五分鐘後有一班車,十點三十分開。The next train is in fifteen minutes.  It departs at ten thirty.

一張票多少錢?How much is one ticket?

您要來回票,還是單程票?Would you like a round trip ticket or one way?

我要單程票,多少錢?I would like a one way ticket. How much is that?

九十元。 這是您的車票。Ninety NTD. Here is your ticket.

在哪兒上車呢?Where do I get on the train at?

就在那邊兒, 您的左邊兒 Over there. To your left.

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