August 9

Buying A Train Ticket-B

嗨!文文。請問現在幾點鐘?Excuse me. What time is it?
現在是十點十五分了! It’s ten fifteen.
還好, 還趕得上。Thank God! I am not too late.
我要去台中,請問下一班火車什麼時候開? I am going to Tai-Chung. When is the next train leaving?
十五分鐘後有一班車, 十點三十分開。There will be another one in fifteen minutes. It leaves at ten thirty.
一張票多少錢? How much is a ticket?
你要來回票, 還是單程票? Do you need round–trip or one–way?
我要單程票,多少錢? I need one-way. How much is it?
自強號380元。It’s three hundred and eighty dollars for Tzu-Chiang Train.
在哪裡買呢? Where to but it?
在那邊! 你可以跟售票員買, 也可以到自動售票機買。
Over there. You can either buy the ticket at the counter or at the ticket vending machine.
那裏排了好多人, 還是到自動售票機買好了!
There are so many people at the counter. Let’s go to the ticket machine.
嗯! Umm. 這是你的車票。This is your ticket.
在哪上車呢? Where do I get on the train at?
就在那邊! 第二月台上車!Over there. The second platform.

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