August 10


買東西 shopping

先生,您要買什麼?What would you like to buy, Sir?

我想買一些紙和信封。 I would like to buy some paper and envelopes.

這種紙是五十元一包,那一種要六十元一包。One kind of paper is fifty NTD a pack and one is sixty NTD a pack.

哪一種比較好呢?Which kind is better?

貴的那種比較好呢?容易書寫。The more expensive one is better. It is very good to write with.

好吧。 信封要多少錢呢?Okay. And how much are these envelopes?

兩塊錢一個。Two NTD each.

我買一打吧,一共是多少錢?I would like to buy a dozen. How much is that altogether?

一共是八十四元。您還買別的東西嗎?That will be eighty-four NTD all together. Would you like anything else?

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