September 6

Hotel Reservations A

張先生,您預備哪天去日本?What date do you plan to go to Japan? Mr. Chang?

我打算這個月十二號動身。I’m going to set off on the twelfth of this month.

您是住朋友家呢,還是住旅館了?Are you staying at a friend’s house or in a hotel?

我不想打擾朋友,已經訂好旅館了。I don’t want to bother my friends. I have a reserve a hotel room.

您訂的是什麼樣的旅館?What kind of hotel did you reserve?

一家觀光飯店,以前我做過一次,還不錯。 A tourist hotel.  I stayed there before. It’s pretty nice.

價錢怎麼樣? 貴不貴?How much is it?  Is it expensive?

不貴, 一間雙人房一天大概台幣三千六百It’s not expensive. A double room is about NT 3,600 NTD per night.

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