September 7

The Airport-B

機場 The Airport
Hurry up! There are a lot of passengers on this flight.  Hurry to check in.
No rush. There is another two hours before our plane takes off. Take it easy.
我的護照和機票呢?Where is my passport and ticket?
不要慌,慢慢找!護照和機票最好放在一塊兒, 像我這樣就比較安全而且好找!
Don’t panic. Take your time.  It’s better to put the passport and ticket together.  It’s safe and easy to find.找到了!你這些行李都要交給航空公司托運嗎?
Got them! Are you going to send all our luggage?
是呀!  可是我這些保養品想帶在身上耶!
Yes. But, I want to bring the skin care products with me.
拜托! 你別忘了超過100ml 的液體,可是不能帶上飛機的哦!
Oh please! Don’t you remember liquids over 100ml aren’t allowed to bring to the airplane?
Your skin care products will be thrown away.
對哦! 我真的忘了! 等我一下! 我想把這些保養品全部放在托運的行李裏。
Right. I do forget. Wait a second. I’ll put these products to my luggage’s to send.
這就對了!That’s right.
待會兒劃位時我要坐在靠窗的位置, 這樣才可以看到窗外的天空。
I’d like to have a window seat. So, that I can see the sky.
出入多不方便呀! 我要劃靠走道的位置!
It’s not convenient to move at all.  I prefer an aisle seat.
都弄好了,我們去劃位吧!I am all settled. Let’s go check-in.2-12-2

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