September 7

The Airport-A

機場 The Airport
這班飛機的乘客不少,快去劃位吧!There are a lot of passengers on this flight.  Hurry to check in.
把機票、護照給我,我去劃位。Give me your ticket and passport. I’ll go(to)check in.
行李都交給航空公司托運嗎?Are you going to send all of our luggage?
最好都托運,隨身帶的東西越少越好。It would be better to send all of it.  The less we carry the better.
我的座位要劃在靠走道的位置。Please reserve an aisle seat for me.
都弄好了,該去檢查行李了。All down. Now it’s time to check our luggage.
現在就去候機室太早了吧?Is it still too early to get to the boarding room?
機場那麽大,候機室很遠,還是先進去吧!The airport is very big and the gate is far away.  We’d better go earlier.

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