September 9


大年!嗨! 文文!Da-Nian! Hi, wen-wen!
大年!看你穿得這麽輕便,你要去哪兒呀?Da-Nian! You dress casually. Where are you going?
我要去游泳!I am going swimming.
游泳? 你會游泳啊? 多久游一次?Swimming? You can swim? How often do you go?
我最喜歡游泳了,幾乎天天都去游。I like swimming best. I go swimming almost every day.
真好! 你好像有心事哦!That’s great. You seems bothered.
是呀, 你不覺得最近我越來越胖, 好煩哦。Yes, don’t you think that I am getting fatter? It’s annoying.
嗯! 好像是真的耶!um. It’s true.
吃减肥餐也沒效!Having diets doesn’t work for me.
你可以來游泳呀! 游泳對瘦身很有幫助哦!You may go swimming. Swimming helps to lose weight a lot.
可是到現在還不會游泳呢!Even till now I still can’t swim.
要是你想學,我可以教你。If you want to learn, I’ll teach you.
可是我一看到水,就會緊張。But I start to get nervous at the sight of water.
別擔心! 游泳池的水不深, 不要害怕!Don’t worry. The water of the swimming pool isn’t deep. Don’t be afraid.
真的嗎?那太好了! 大年,我想先學自由式,因爲每次看奧運比賽,自由式的姿勢最好看了!
Really? That’s cool. Da-Nian, I want to learn free style, because the form looks nicer on Olympic game.
嗯! 我看你的身形, 還是先學蛙式比較好,可以縮小腹哦!Um. Learning the breast stroke is better for your shape, as it helps to shape your lower abdomen.
你怎麽這樣啦! 真是的! 對了! 我還沒有泳裝耶!How can you say that! By the way, I don’t have a swimming suit.
那就先陪你去賣嘍! 謝啦!I can go with you to buy one. Thanks.

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