September 18

Saving (B)

儲蓄 savings

哇! 有禮物要送給我的嗎? Wow! Got a present for me?
才不是。 是給我外甥的。 certainly not. It’s for my nephew.
你買了什麼好東西? 包裝的這麼漂亮。 What good stuff did you buy? So beautifully packaged.
是一個撲滿。 這種新年禮物最棒了。It is a piggy bank. This New Year’s gift is the best.
我想,買巧克力糖或是玩具,他們會更喜歡的。 I think they would like them better if the presidents were chocolates or toys
我買撲滿做禮物是有原因的。 I have my reason for buying piggy banks.
什麼原因? 說來聽聽。 What’s your reason? Tell me.
因為今年過年他們收了紅包。 送撲滿就可以讓他們把錢存起來。 Because they received red envelopes for Chinese New Year this year. Sending a piggy bank allows them to save their money.
你想的真是周到啊。 You are really thoughtful.
我想讓他們改掉亂花錢的壞習慣。 I want to alter them bad habits of wasting money.
送撲滿來鼓勵小孩儲蓄。 真是不錯的方法。 Give piggy bank to encourage kids to save. Really nice way.是呀! 如果他們能養成儲蓄的好習慣,那就太好了。 Yes! It would be great if they could develop a good habit of saving.
你要不要也送我一個撲滿,鼓勵我儲蓄啊。 Would you like to send me a piggy bank too and encourage me to save?
叫我一聲阿姨, 我就送你。 Call me auntie and I ‘ll send you one.
那算了。 Then forget it.
儲蓄是一個好習慣, 你應該鼓勵自己儲蓄啊。 Saving is a good habit, and you should encourage yourself to save.
是呀! 我看我自己去買一個撲滿好了。 I think I’m going to buy one for myself.
這才對嘛。 That’s right.

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