October 11

Final exam-B

最近在忙些什麼呢?What are you busy with recently?
期末考試快到了,我都在溫習功課。Final exam are approaching, and I am reviewing my lessons.
你那麼用功, 期末考一定沒有問題。If you work so hard, there will be no problem in the final exam.
那可不一定哦。 Not for certain..
應該準備得差不多了吧。You should prepare almost ready.
我每天都開夜車苦讀。I am staying up late and studying hard every day.
熬夜最傷身體了,千萬別過度用功。Staying up all night hurts the body the most, so be sure don’t overwork yourself.
哎! 我是平時不用功,臨時抱佛腳了。I don’t usually study this heart. Only when it is close to exams.
盡力就好,不要太緊張。Just do your best, don’t get too nervous.
這次考試,你總共考幾科呢?How many subjects do you have to take this time?
四科,有的科目只要繳讀書報告就可以了。Four in some courses, for some subjects, you only need to submit a study report.
繳讀書報告.  對你而言太簡單了。Submit your book report. It’s too easy for you.
那你還緊張什麼? 心情放輕鬆點。Then what are you nervous about? Take it easy.
快要考試了,心情怎麼可能輕鬆呢?The exam is coming, how can you feel relaxed?  how could I relax

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