October 12

Getting Your Report Card-A

發成績單Getting Your Report Card

早上匆匆忙忙地出門, 忘記戴圍巾了。
This Morning I left home in such a hurry that I forgot to take a scarf.
是不是昨晚太晚睡了? 早上起不來?
You slept too late last night and had a hard time getting up this morning, didn’t you?
不是。 今天要發成績單, 心裏有點緊張。
No, it’s not.  We’re getting our report cards today so I’m a little nervous.
你的成績一向那麽好, 還怕不及格嗎?
Your grades are always good, and you are still afraid that you’re not going to pass?
我父親說,如果成績好, 就給我買一個手機。
My father said, if my grades were good, he’d buy me a cell phone.
I’m just hoping that I’ll pass chemistry and geography.
There’s no way that you can fail. At worst, your grades is a little lower.
經過這次的教訓, 以後會用功一點兒的。
This is a lesson for me.  I will study much harder next time.



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