October 25

Learning Painting(三)

學畫畫兒Learning Painting

在練習畫畫嗎?Are you practicing your painting
才上了幾次課, 還在練習執筆呢?I’ve only had a few lessons, I am still practicing how to hold the brush
這個像梅花花瓣的碟子是做什麼的?What is the plum flower petal dish for?
這是調顏色用的, 這個是筆洗, 那個是硯台。That is for mixed color pigments.  That one is for cleaning the brushes. that one is an inkstone.
初學國畫要先練習什麼呢?What do you practice first in traditional Chinese painting?
要學筆法,再臨摹畫冊。We start by learning how to make the strokes correctly.  then we make the copies  from picture albums.
我可以去旁聽你們的課嗎?May I go with you and sit in on you across?
好哇! 你可以來看看老師的教學示範。Sure!  you can come and watch the instructor give this demonstration.

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