November 10

The Temple of Mazu at peikang (二) A

北港媽祖廟The Temple of Mazu at peikang 2

媽祖為什麼這麼受人敬仰呢?Why do people revere Mazu so much?

因為臺灣靠海為生的漁民多,而媽祖正是漁民的守護神。In Taiwan they are a large number of freshmen Fishman who rely on the sea for a living. Mazu is the guardian god goddess of fisherman

聽說每年都有許多人到這兒來進香。I’ve heard that each year a very large number of people come here to worship  Mazu.

媽祖生日的進香活動規模很大,非常壯觀。 Every year or Mazu‘s birthday huge crowds come to burn incense and the worship Mazu.

這種民俗活動一定很有意思。These folk activities must be fascinating.

當然,不過花費也是很可觀。Of course they are, but they spend a lot of money on these activities each year

由此可見媽祖在人們心目中的地位。From this we can see that Mazu occupies very important position in people’s hearts

是啊! 媽祖一直是人們平安的守護神。Yes, she does!  Mazu symbolizes peace and security in people’s heart.



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