February 7

First Brush Your Teeth Then Wash Your Face (二)

先刷牙再洗臉First Brush Your Teeth Then Wash Your Face
媽媽:大文,該起床了!Mom: Devin, time to wake up!
大文:我很累,還想睡覺。Devin: I am very tired. I still want to sleep.
媽媽:來不及了,趕快先去刷牙,再洗澡. Mom: It’s too late, first, quickly go brush your teeth, then take a shower.
大文:我昨天晚上洗過澡了。Devin: I took a shower yesterday already.
媽媽:還有,別忘了用肥皂洗臉。Mom: Also, don’t forget to wash your face with soap.
大文:我知道了,要洗乾淨。Devin: I know , wash it thoroughly.
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