April 4

Dinner is Delicious (四)

晚餐真好吃Dinner Is Delicious
Vivian: Mom, today’s hot and sour soup is too spicy!
Mom: It seems like I put too much pepper in it.
大文:今天糖醋肉的味道很好, 酸酸甜甜的,很好吃!
Devin: Today’s sweet and sour pork tastes great. It’s sweet and sour. It’s delicious!
媽媽:你們覺得青菜怎麼樣?是 不是太鹹了?
Mom: What do you all think of the greens? Are they too salty?
Vivian: They’re not salty. Mom, the food you make is getting more and more delicious.
大文:媽媽,以後不要做苦瓜,苦苦的,我不敢吃。 Devin: Mom, don’t make bitter melon anymore. It’s so bitter that I don’t dare eat it
Mom: You’ll only be healthy if you eat all kinds of vegetables.
爸爸:媽媽做的菜不油,也不鹹, 對身體很好。
Dad: The food mom makes is neither oily nor salty. It is very good for you.


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