June 5

Chinese New Year Customs (六)

新年的風俗Chinese New Year Customs


Teacher: Last time I asked you all to go back and ask about ethnic Chinese’s Lunar New Year traditions. Now talk about them.


John: The day of the New Year, whenever people meet they have to say “Congratulations and may you be prosperous.”


Ann: Our family definitely has fish for New Year’s Eve dinner. Dad said this is called “Surplus year by year.”


Jane: If you aren’t careful and break a cup or bowl, you have to say “May you have years of peace,” because “year” and “break” sound the same in Mandarin.


Jake: My Dad says when he was little, in order to extend his lifespan, on the night of New Year’s Eve he absolutely couldn’t go to sleep until after 12:00.

老師:你們說得太好了!那麼過 年有哪些不能做的事呢?

Teacher: You all have spoken very well! What things can you not do during the Lunar New Year?


Ann: During the Lunar New Year you can’t sweep, nor can you take out the trash, because that would mean sweeping out or taking out your luck for the year.


John: Also, during the Lunar New Year you can’t say inauspicious things and can’t scold people.


Jake: Excellent. So whatever I do then, I can’t be scolded by my parents.


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