June 11

Pen (六)



Writing Implements Writing implements are very important stationery supplies that we use every day.


Before the writing implements was invented, everyone used their fingers or tree branches to write characters on the ground.

後來古代的人用動物的毛跟竹子做成筆,叫做「毛筆」。Afterward, the ancients used animal fur and bamboo to make writing implements, which they called writing brushes.


Writing brushes have many functions. Calligraphers use them to write calligraphy and paint traditional Chinese paintings. Poets use them to write poems.


After the fountain pen and the pencil were invented, they were produced in great quantities, their prices were low, and they were also convenient to use, so writing implements became much more widespread.

「筆」有很多種,有毛筆、鉛筆、原子筆,還有粉筆、蠟筆、彩色 筆等等。

.There are many kinds of writing implements: writing brushes, fountain pens, and pencils, along with chalk, crayons, colored pens, and so on.


Nowadays, ever since computers were invented, we don’t have as many opportunities to use pens as before. However, students still use them to do homework, and most people still use them in everyday life.


Let me ask you this: What kinds of writing implements do you have?

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