May 16

When Will The Red Flower Bloom?


flower bloom紅花紅花幾月開
When well the red flower bloom?

紅花紅花幾月開?一月開! When will the red flower bloom? in January!
一月不開幾月開?二月開! If not in January, then when? in February!
二月不開 幾月開?三月開! If not in February, then when? in March!
三月不開幾月開?四月開! If not in March, then when? in April!
四月不開幾月開?五月開! If not in April, then when? in May!
五月不開幾月開?六月開! If not in May, then when? in June!
六月不開幾月開?七月開! If not in June, then win? in July!
七月不開幾月開? If not in July, then when?
八月一定開。In August, it must bloom!

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