August 8

Water Grass

Captureseaweed worksheet
海草舞 Seaweed Dance
像一棵海草、海草、海草、海草Like a seaweed,   seaweed,    seaweed,   seaweed.
隨波飄搖 海草海草 海草海草 浪花裏舞蹈Floating with the rhythm of the waves, seaweed, seaweed, seaweed, seaweed, dancing in the waves.
海草海草 海草海草 seaweed,    seaweed,    seaweed.
管它駭浪驚濤 我有我樂逍遙No matter how big the waves, I am happy.
人海啊茫茫啊 隨波逐流 浮浮沉沉A sea of people, guided by the waves, above and below the wave.
人生啊如夢啊 親愛的你在哪裏Life is a dream, dear, where are you?
我走過最陡的山路 看過最壯麗的日出I have walked the steepest mountain roads and have seen the most magnificent sunrise.
在午夜公路旁 對著夜空說我不服輸I have stood next to the highway at midnight, looked up at the night sky without defeat.
你我都是這茫茫人海中 渺小不起眼的那一棵草You and I are inconspicuous seaweeds in a sea of people.但誰說小人物不可以做英雄Who says little ones cannot be heroes?
你我只是這茫茫人海中 不知天高地厚的那一棵草You and I are inconspicuous seaweeds in a sea of people, not knowing how height the sky is, or how broad the land has become.
所以不要煩惱開心就好 用力去愛用力微笑.So, do not worry, use your strength to love, use your strength to smile.

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