November 7

Red Nose Rudolph

紅鼻子魯道夫 Red Nose Rudolph
魯道夫也參加比賽了Rudolph is also here for the race
看他奇怪的紅鼻子 Look at it’s interesting red nose.
鼻子要著火了 The nose is about to go up in flames.
紅鼻子魯道夫:大家都笑我的鼻子Everyone is laughing at my nose.
請注意 Please be aware
拉雪橇比賽現在開始 出發 The sled race starts now, let’s go.
閃閃發光的鼻子 Sparkling bright nose.
照亮黑黑的路 illuminating the dark road.
魯道夫是第一名 Rudolph is in first place.
你願意和我一起去送禮物嗎 Are you willing to go and send gifts with me?
當然願意好好 紅鼻子魯道夫 Of course, yes yes.
黑黑的路也沒關係 Roads without lights are no problem.
大家都小心 閃閃發光的鼻子會幫助朋友們快跑啊 Everyone be aware, the sparkling bright nose will help friends.
魯道夫心地善良我的朋友 魯道夫你真棒! A generous hearted friend, you are awesome!
比飛 機還要快 紅鼻子魯道夫 魯道夫我們愛你 Faster than an airplane, red nose Rudolph, we love you.
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