December 9

Pink Christmas

粉紅聖誕節Pink Christmas

響叮噹 響叮噹 Ringing Bells Ringing Bells
聖誕節來了Christmas is here.
繽紛聖誕樹滿街耀  Colorful Christmas trees, the whole street is shining.
歡喜慶典開心叫 Happy Holiday, joyful shouts.
雖沒有白色雪花飄 Although there are no white snowflakes.
不見麋鹿在奔跑 No reindeer running.
大鬍子爺爺轉呀轉 Bearded grandpa spinning around and around.
找不到烟囪跳 Cannot find a chimney to jump into.
精靈和天使齊歡唱 Elves and angels sing together.
愛的禮物不能少 The gift of love cannot be less.
我想要粉紅色的聖誕節 I want a pink Christmas.
甜蜜塞滿每個人的小宇宙 Sweetness fills everyone’s universe.
就在這粉紅色的聖誕節 Just at this Pink Christmas.
閃閃金星擁抱太陽笑 Glittering Venus hugs the sun and laughs.

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