March 18

Do It Yourself

自己事情自己做Do it yourself

需要幫忙嗎?Do you need help? 不No
我可以,我可以, 自己刷牙。I can, I can brush my own teeth
左刷刷,右刷刷,變亮晶晶。Brush to the left, brush to the right, becomes sparkly.
我可以,我可以,可以自己做。I can, I can do it myself.
咕嚕嚕嚕,我可以做到。I can do it.———————————-
我可以,我可以,自己吃飯。I can, I can eat by myself.
不挑食,不挑食,都吃光光。Not a picky eater, not a picky eater, everything is eaten.
Yum,yum,yum,yum,我可以做到。I can do it myself. ———————
我可以,我可以,自己上厠所。I can, I can go to the toilet by myself.
小馬桶,小馬桶,慢慢坐下。Small toilet, small toilet, sit down slowly.
Emm,Emm, Emm, Emm我可以做到。I can do it. ———————
我可以,我可以,自己騎車。I can, I can, I can ride the bike by myself.
不害怕,不害怕,我要勇敢。Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I want to be brave.
耶耶耶耶,我可以做到。I can do it
我可以,我可以,自己滑滑梯。I can, I can go down the slide by myself.
慢慢滑,慢慢滑,注意安全。Slide down slowly, slide down slowly, be aware of safety.
啦啦啦啦,我可以做到。I can do it. ———————
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