March 16

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands洗手歌Wash your hands song

洗洗手 洗洗手Wash your hands, wash your hands.

什麽時候你要洗洗手When do you want to wash your hands?

飯前飯後洗洗手Wash your hands before and after meals.

上完厠所洗洗手Wash your hands after going to the toilet.

游戲前後洗洗手Wash your hands before and after playing games.

常常洗手不要忘記Wash your hands often, do not forget.

正確洗手五個步驟Five correct steps for proper hand washing

Come on everybody一起來洗手 Wash our hands together.

濕搓沖捧擦  Wet, rub, rinse, hold, wipe.

抹抹肥皂濕濕手 Spread soap on the hands, and then wet the hands.

手心手背搓一搓Rub the palm, and back of the hands.

左手右手沖一沖Left hand right hand rinse.

捧水洗洗水龍頭Hold the water and wash the water faucet.

毛巾紙巾擦乾手Use towel or paper towel to wipe dry the hands.

你要記得常常洗洗手Remember to wash your hands often.

學會正確洗手五步驟Learn the five steps to proper hand washing.

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