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The steps to wearing a mask

戴口罩步驟 The steps to wearing a mask
我一定要找到沒有帶好口罩的人. I must find someone not wearing a mask properly.
一起來戴口罩,預防病毒最重要,Wear masks together, preventing the virus is the most important thing.
一起來戴口罩,大家都是好寶寶。Wear masks together, everyone is a good baby.
一起來戴口罩,裏裏外外看一看,Wear masks together, check the inside and outside.
深色的在外面,金屬條要在上面。The darker part outside, and the metal bars at the top.
一起來戴口罩,兩個圓圈挂耳朵,Wear masks together, two circles hang on the ears.
輕輕拉到下巴,蓋住可愛小臉蛋,Gently pull it towards the chin, cover the cute little face.
一起來戴口罩,鼻子上貼金屬條。Wear masks together, the metal strip pressed against the nose.
輕輕捏仔細調,嘴巴鼻子保護好。Gently squeeze and adjust carefully, protect the mouth and nose.
一起來戴口罩,上上下下左右邊,Wear masks together, up, down, left and right sides,
仔細瞧看一看,確認貼緊小臉蛋。Look carefully, make sure pressed closely against the little face.
一起來戴口罩,口罩要常常更換。Wear masks together, the masks need to be changed often.
折一折打個結,小心包好再丟掉。Fold and make a knot, make sure it is wrapped before throwing it away.
一起來帶口罩,預防病毒最重要。Wear masks together, preventing the virus is the most important.
別忘了帶口罩前後。都要記得洗手。Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after wearing a mask.
避免摸到細菌病毒,才能保護自己。Preventing yourself from coming into contact with the virus is the way to protect yourself.

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