May 1

Mother’s Saying

媽媽的話Mother’s Saying 

當我還是一個小娃娃, 媽媽經常對我們說話,
When I was a little baby, my mother often talked to us,

孩子你有一天會長大, 這句話你不要忘記它,
Child, you will grow up one day, don’t forget this,

媽媽說(他曾說) 爸爸說:
Mom said (she once said):

Don’t envy the rich man,

You have heard of troubles which come with money,

do not pursue material things and fame,

The higher you climb, the deeper you fall. 

Now that we are all grown up, we always hear mother’s words in my ears

雖然我離開他走天涯, 這句話卻不會改變它.
Although I leave her and go into the distance, this saying will not change.
我們經常問我們爸爸, 怎樣的人物才算偉大
We often ask our dad what kind of character is great
He said that I would grow up one day, and that saying will not change.
Mother Saying

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