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Traditional Customs for Chinese New Year


Traditional Customs for Chinese New Year

House Cleaning 大掃除/大(dà)扫(sǎo)除(chú)

Doing away with the “old” and preparing for the “new”

House Decorations張燈結綵/张(zhāng)灯(dēng)结(jié)彩(cǎi)

In the hope .of attracting good luck.

Spring Couplets 貼春聯/贴(tiē)春(chūn)联(lián)

Posted in pairs, express peoples people’s hopes in the new year.

Family Reunion Dinner年夜飯/年(nián)夜(yè)饭(fàn)

A banquet with all family members getting together on lunar New Year’s Eve.

Lucky Money 壓歲錢/压(yā)岁(suì)钱(qián)

With the hope of bringing good luck and warding off monsters.

(in China and Chinese culture) money placed in a red envelope and given as a gift, usually for Chinese New Year.

Staying up Late守歲/守(shǒu)岁(suì)

After the great dinner, families sit together and chat happily, to welcome in the New Year.

Setting off Firecracker放(fàng)鞭(biān)炮(pào)

To drive away evil spirits.

New Year’s Greetings 拜(bài)年(nián)

Wear new clothes and greet relatives and friends with bows and congratulations

on the first day of the new Year.

Dragon and Lion Dance舞龍舞獅/舞(wǔ)龙(lóng)舞(wǔ)狮(shī)


“Dragon” is still regarded by the people as a representative of auspiciousness.


In ancient times, it was commonly said that the lion could drive away evil spirits and

avoid ghosts, so it was enshrined as a divine beast and could overcome demons.

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