September 11

Driver’ license (M-1 week one)

Driver’s license test in Chinese
學會開車是青少年生活中一個重要的里程碑,它意味著從今以後 ,許多事都能自己行動,比如去學校、約會、逛街、看電影、上才藝課以及參加各種課外活動等等 ,都不必麻煩別人接送了。
Learning to drive is an important milestone in the life of teenager.
It means(to imply) from that point on a teenager is able to be on their own. without troubling others to drive them around for things such as going to school, meeting friends, shopping, watching a movie, taking art and performance classes and participating in all kinds of extracurricular activities.
Many US states stipulate that anyone over the age of fifteen and half may take a written exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles after completing an online driving course. After passing a written exam, one may start to learn to drive in the driver’s seat.

青少年能自己開車是件好事但是許多青少年 開車不小心,經常超速、闖紅燈,甚至酒後駕 車,不是出車禍就是被警察開罰單。根據美國公路管理局的統計,全國每年撞車死亡、重傷 和開車違規的人數,以16歲到19歲為最多 。
It is a good thing for teenagers to drive themselves. Many teens are careless drivers, often speeding, running red lights, drunk driving, getting themselves in car accidents or getting ticketed(citation) by the police. Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, sixteen to nineteen year olds top the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by collisions as well as that of traffic violations every year.
撞車=(car crash)
違規=to violate the rules.
Therefore, many parents would rather (actually prefer)be very busy all day long to pick up and drop off their children (but not) than to sit at home uneasy and worry(to be anxious).

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