October 1

Clap Hands Song

你拍一 我拍一 一個小孩坐飛機
You clap one, I clap one, A child sits in an airplane.
你拍二 我拍二 兩個小孩丟手絹
You clap two, I clap two, Two children play with a handkerchief.
你拍三 我拍三 三個小孩吃餅乾
You clap three, I clap three, Three children eating cookies.
你拍四 我拍四 四個小孩寫大字
You clap four, I clap four, Four children write big characters.
你拍五 我拍五 五個小孩敲大鼓
You clap five, I clap five, Five children playing big drums.
你拍六 我拍六 六個小孩撿豆豆
You clap six, I clap six, Six children picking up beans.
你拍七 我拍七 七個小孩溜滑梯
You clap seven, I clap seven, Seven children slide down the slide.
你拍八 我拍八 八個小孩吹喇叭
You clap eight, I clap eight, Eight children playing trumpets.
你拍九 我拍九 九個小孩齊步走
You clap nine, I clap nine, Nine children march in steps.
你拍十 我拍十 十個小孩站得直
You clap ten, I clap ten, Ten children stand up straight.

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