May 2

Monkey’s Week

猴子穿新衣Monkey wears new clothes
星期一,猴子在家穿新衣。Monday, Monkeys wear new clothes in the house.
星期二,猴子叫著肚子餓。Tuesday, Monkeys shout out with hunger.
星期三,猴子一起去爬山。Wednesday, Monkeys go and climb a mountain.
星期四,猴子坐著看電視。Thursday, Monkeys sit and watch TV,
星期五,猴子唱歌又跳舞。Friday, Monkeys sing and dance
星期六,猴子生火來烤肉。Saturday, Monkeys set a fire to roast meat.
星期日,猴子拍手過生日。Sunday, Monkeys clap their hands to celebrate a birthday.weekMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaterdaySunday



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