January 5

I use it

我有一張嘴,I have one mouth,
我用它吃飯,I use it to eat,
我用它他喝水,I use it to drink.
我用它說話, I use it to talk,
還用它唱歌,and also use it to sing,
唱老歌,唱新歌,sing old songs, sing new songs,
大家聽得笑呵呵。Everybody who heard that laughed.
I use it

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January 4

Two birds

兩隻鳥 Two birds
我有兩隻鳥,I have two birds,
一隻叫你好,One is called Hello.
一隻叫美妙。One is called Sweetie. (Beautiful)
美妙的歌,唱得好。Sweetie’s music, sung very well.
你好的話,說得妙。Hello’s speech, talk excellently.
它們天天在一起,They are together every day,
說說唱唱真熱鬧!Talk and sing so lively!

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January 3

A small secret

小秘密A Small Secret
開抽 屜,關抽屜,Open the drawer, close the drawer,
一會兒拿書本,at times I take out a book;
一會兒放鉛筆。at times I put away my pencil.
There are stationery’s and toys in my drawer.
There are also many interesting and small things.
Pull out the drawer, push back the drawer.
一會兒出,一會兒進。Draw out, push in.
There is a diary lying in my drawer.
There hides many secrets inside.
a small secret

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January 2

Little pear

小梨子 Little pear


Big pear, little pear, a basket full of pears.

哥哥拿,弟弟拿,Older brother takes, little brother takes,

他們都拿小梨子。they both take little pears.

哥哥說: Older brother says:


Little brother wants to grow big, should eat the big one.

弟弟說: Little brother says:


My age is smaller, should eat the little one.

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January 9

Grandmother’s house

外婆家 grandmother’s house

放假了,我去外婆家。I go to my grandmother’s house for vacation.

外婆上市場。My grandmother goes to the market

買了青菜,買了瓜,My grandmother bought green vegetables and bought melons.

買了水果,買了花。My grandmother bought fruits and bought flowers.

哇!還買了點心和奶茶Wow! My grandmother also bought desserts and bubble tea.

大家吃得笑哈哈!Everybody eats and laughs!

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January 8

Rainy Day

下雨天,rainy day,

我在雨中走,I walk in the rain.

 外頭下大雨,It is pouring outside.

 裡頭下小雨。 It is drizzling inside.

 哎呀!傘壞了,Ai Ya! The umbrella is broken.

 害我沒有地方躲。Thus, I have no where to hide

rainy day worksheet

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January 7

Seven years old

七歲了 Seven Years Old

外公七十歲了,頭髮白了,牙齒不見了。Grandfather is 70 years old; his hair has turned white and has lost all of his teeth.

我七歲了,個子高了,褲子短了,I am seven years old.  I am growing taller. My pants are getting shorter.

腳大了,鞋子小了。My feet are getting larger. My shoes are getting smaller

咦!糖果吃得不多,Oh!  I have not eaten a lot of candy,

為什麼牙齒也不見了?but why is it that I am loosing my teeth?

2-7 Seven

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