September 9

Find Friends

找啊!找啊!找朋友Find! Find! Find friends.

找到一個好朋友,Find a good friend.

敬個禮, 握握手,Take a bow.  Shaking hands.

你是我的好朋友。You are my good friend.

找呀!找呀!找朋友Find! Find! Find friends.

找到一個好朋友, Find a good friend.

笑嘻嘻,點點頭Smiled, grinning: nodding head.

大家都是好朋友。We are all good friends. Continue reading

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May 28

Colorful Airplane

彩虹飛機Colorful Airplane


Look at the color of the small plane, how many colors do you know?


I saw a red express(fast) plane.  I saw an orange slow plane.

噢!真酷! Oh! That is cool!


I saw a small blue plane. I saw a big pink plane。

哇!真厲害! Wow awesome.


I saw a long purple plane.   I saw a short yellow plane.

酷!真壯觀! Cool! It’s spectacular!


I saw a green dirty airplane.   I saw a bright(shiny) black plane.

這架飛機是什麼顏色? 這是一架彩虹飛機。

What color is this airplane? This is a rainbow airplane.


These planes are so colorful.



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