September 2

Feeling & physical conditions

一           (jiàn)(kāng)      Healthy

二            (shēng)(bìng)      To fall sick

三            (lèi)         Tired

四            (kùn)(睏)    Sleepy

五            (máng)          Busy

六            ()(熱)    Hot

七            (lěng)                Cold

八            饿(è)(餓)    Hungry

九            (bǎo) (飽) Full

十            ()                Thirsty

十一       (gāo)(xìng)(高興)       Happy

十二   (shāng)(xīn) (傷心)/(bēi)(shāng) Sad

十三    (shēng)()(生氣)       Angry Continue reading

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September 1



1 Who  ———-誰 ——–
2 What  ——什麼——–
3 When  什麼時候——–
4 Where    ———-在哪裏兒
5 Why  為什麼————
6 How  ———–怎麼樣
7 How much    多少   ————-
8 How many    幾—————-
9 Which     哪一個 ———
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July 22

Good bye

Goodbye - Ha Yu

 再見 Good-bye
你好,你好,How are you?How are you?
我很好,我很好。I am fine.  I am fine.
唱歌真快樂,Singing is fun,
唱歌真快樂,Singing is fun,
再見,再見。Good-bye. Good-bye. Continue reading

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July 21


閃亮壁紙 Sparkling wallpaper

Sparkle, sparkle wallpaper,  The whole room full of sparkles.
Every where you look around,  The room feels like the universe.

小燈籠little lanterns

Twinkle, Twinkle, bright little lanterns , The whole sky full of little lanterns
Up above the crowd,  like many small pieces of amber.

蘇打水Sparkly Soda

嘰嘰嘶嘶蘇打水,    冰箱滿滿蘇打水,
Sparkle, Sparkle, soda,    The whole refrigerator is full of sparkly soda.
桌上放的蘇打水,  好像許多圓柱體。
On top of the table,   like many small cylinders.

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