September 19

Registration (B)

好巧! 你們怎麼在這裡?
What a coincidence! Why are you here?
Xiaoli and I have something to go to National Taiwan University
You applied to study at National Taiwan University. Have they accepted your application?
The school has accepted your application, but I still have to take an entrance examination.
I believe that both of us can become Taiwan University students.
希望咯! Hope so!
通過測驗後After passing the quiz
When will you go through your entrance procedures?
The school have sent me a notice. I will go to register next Tuesday.
Does the school provide scholarships?
No, it doesn’t I have to pay tuition by myself. It’s fortunate that the tuition isn’t expensive.
我早就準備好學費了,所以沒有獎學金沒有關係。 I have already prepared tuition fees, so it doesn’t matter if there is no scholarship.
註冊那天我陪你去,我對台大校園很熟悉。 I’ll go with you on registration day. I know the National Taiwan University campus very well.
我帶你們進去逛逛。I’ll take you in for a walk.
一塊兒走吧。 Let’s go together.

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