January 4

Punctuation is Important

標點符號很重要 Punctuation is Important

John Smith是王文川的好朋友,John Smith was a good friend of Wang Wenchuan,

John想去臺北學中文。John wants to go to Taipei to learn Mandarin. .

王文川說,John可以住在他的奶奶家。Wang Wenchuan suggested said that John can stay with his grandma’s house while he was in Taipei.

王奶奶很歡迎John來住。Grandma Wang told John that he was welcome to stay with her.

他寫信問John,每天早飯最愛吃什麼?She wrote John a letter to ask John, what is his favorite breakfast every day?

What kind of food he would like for breakfast.


John wrote back a letter to Grandma Wang in Chinese, He told Grandma Wang what kind of food he would like for breakfast.

John寫的信,上面沒有標點符號。There was no punctuation in John’s letter.

王奶奶收到信以後,看了半天才看懂。After Grandma Wang received the letter, It took Grandma Wang a long time to figure out what he meant. .

John到台北以後就住在王奶奶家。After John arrived in Taipei, he stayed at Grandma Wang’s house.

王奶奶每天早上只給他喝果汁牛奶。Grandma Wang only gave him fruit juice and milk every morning.

每天早上,John的肚子總是餓的咕嚕咕嚕叫。 John’s tummy growled loudly before lunch every day.  Every morning,

他想,王奶奶也許沒有收到他寫的信。He thought that Grandma Wang maybe not have received the letter he wrote.

他問王奶奶,王奶奶說:就是因為收到你的信,我才每天給你喝果汁牛奶呀!So he asked her about the letter.

Of course I got your letter she replied that is why I have been giving you juice-flavored milk every  morning!

王奶奶把信拿出來念道 Grandma Wang took out the letter and read.

沒有魚肉也很好,沒有青豆玉米也很好,每天要有果汁牛奶。It is also good without fish meat , and it is also good without green beans and corn, I need juice milk every morning.

王奶奶說:看了你的信才知道你早飯不吃魚肉也不吃蔬菜,只喝果汁牛奶。Grandma Wang said: After reading your letter, I realized that you don’t eat fish or vegetables for breakfast, and only drink juice-flavored milk.

John說不對不對,我是說沒有魚,肉也很好。 沒有青豆,玉米也很好。 每天要有果汁、牛奶。John said No, No, I mean no fish, meat is fine too. Corn would be fine without the green beans. I also need juice and milk every morning.

王奶奶聽了哈哈大笑,John笑著說:原來標點符號很重要,我要學會用標點符號。Grandma Wang couldn’t help laughing out loud.  when she heard this,

John said with a smile: “It turns out that punctuation marks are very important. I have to learn how to use punctuation marks.”  I will learn it well.”



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January 3

Writing is Useful

寫字很有用Writing is useful

毛蟲用樹葉寫信給螞蟻,A caterpillar used a leaf, wrote a letter to an ant

咬了三個洞,表示我想你。He bites three holes in the leaf, meaning ‘I miss you”

螞蟻收到信,看著半點鐘。The ant received the letter and looked at it for half an hour.

也咬了三個洞,表示看不懂。He also bit three holes, expressing that he did not understand.

Indicating I do not understand.

毛蟲和螞蟻商量大事情,Caterpillars and ants discuss this important thing,

快快學寫字,寫字很有用。Hurry up and learn how to write, because writing is of great use

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January 2

Wang Xiao-Mao Reads a Newspaper

王小毛看報紙 Wang Xiao-Mao Reads a Newspaper

有一天,王小毛拿起一張中文報紙,One day, Wang Xiaomao picked up a Chinese newspaper,

他看見許多“一”字,He saw many “one” character,

又看見許多“二”字,He also saw many “two” characters,

還看見許多“三”字,Then he also saw many “three” characters,

忽然王小毛看見河川的「川」字,Suddenly Wang Xiao-Mao saw the word “Chuan” in the phrase Hechuan,
他想了半天說道:He thought for a long while and said:

奇怪,這個「三」字,怎麼站起來了? How strange! How come the character “three” stood up?

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January 21

Journey to the west

西遊記Journey to the west

花果山the mountains of flowers and the fruit

很久很久以前,海上有一座仙山叫「花果山」。It is said that once upon a time, there was a magical mountain in the faraway seas, which was knowing us the mountain of flowers.

有一天,山頂上的大石頭,突然爆開,跳出一隻小猴子來。One day, suddenly, a rock in the mountain burst open, giving birth to a stone monkey.

這隻猴子才一開口,就會說話。 他很可愛,大家都愛跟他一起玩兒。The monkey opened his mouth, and he could talk right away. He was very adorable that all other monkeys likes to play with him.

有一回,這群猴子找到一個大瀑布。 大家拍手說:「好水! 好水!」One day as they playing, they came upon a curtain of water. Great water! Great Water! They clapped their hands and yelled.

一個白毛老猴子說:「有誰敢跳進去,我們就拜他做大王。」An old white-haired monkey suggested that whoever was brave enough to pass through the curtain of water would be their king.

那隻小猴子說:我去! 我去! 他一用力,就跳進瀑布里了。 The store monkey volunteered; I will go! And he jumped through the curtain of the water.

瀑布裡面是個石洞。 洞口上有十個字:花果山福地,水簾洞洞天。 There was a cave inside of the water curtain. On the entrance of the cave there was an inscription which said the mountain of Flowers at Fruit is Blessed.  The Cave of the Water Curtain is the Paradis.

他走進洞裡,看見洞裡有石床、石凳、石杯、石碗他高興得又叫又跳。When he went inside the cave. He saw stone beds benches, pots and bowls. He jumped up and down and shouted for joy.

他把大家都叫進洞里來住。大家很高興,就拜他為美猴王。Then he called all the other monkeys to jump over, and they all lived in the cave after that. They were so happy that they make the stone monkey their king.

日子過得很快樂。 可是美猴王擔心,如果以後妖怪來了怎麼辦? 他想出去學些本領。Their life was good, but the Monkey King was worried that there were monsters who would intrude, what could he do if that happened? He wanted to go somewhere to learn fighting skills.

猴子們送美猴王上船。大家說:大王! 大王! 你要早點兒回來!The monkey saw him off on a boat the next day. Please come back soon! Your Majesty said all the monkeys.

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January 20

Little Mouse Bei Bei

小老鼠貝貝Little mouse Bei Bei

有一隻可愛的小老鼠叫貝貝。There is a cute little mouse named Beibei.

他和爸爸、媽媽一同住在小洞裡。He lives in a small hole with his father and mother (Daddy & Mommy).

有一天,貝貝在洞口外面玩兒。One day, Beibei was playing outside the hole entrance.

不久,一隻大貓看見了貝貝,Soon(before long), a big cat saw Bei Bei,

就跳過來抓他,貝貝趕快跑進洞裡。Just jumped over to catch him, and Beibei ran into the hole quickly (in a hurry).

爸爸、媽媽看見了,就一起用力學狗叫:Daddy and Mommy saw that, and they got up their strength and imitated a dog barking.

「汪!汪!汪!走開!走開!」”Woof! Woof! Woof! Go away! Go away!”

大貓聽見狗叫,就嚇得跑開了。When the big cat heard the dog barking, it ran away in fright.

Hearing the dogs barking, the big cat got scared and ran away.

貝貝問:「媽媽,你們剛才跟貓說什麼話?我怎麼聽不懂。」Beibei asked, “Mommy, what did you just say to the cat?

How come I could not understand it?”

媽媽說:「那是狗說的語言。」Mommy said, “That’s the language dogs speak.” (That was dog’ s language)

貝貝說:「我也要學那種話。」Beibei said, “I want to learn that kind of language too.”

媽媽說:「很好!多學幾種話,真的很有用。」Mommy said, “Very good! Learning several more languages is really useful.

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January 18

How many books

一共有幾本書How many books

Teacher asked Zhongzhong: “If I give you one book first, then give you three books more, how many books do you have altogether?

中中說:「四本書。」Zhongzhong said: “Four books.”

The teacher asked again: “If I give you three books first, then give you one more, how many books do you have altogether?

中中馬上說:「八本書。」 Zhongzhong immediately said: “Eight books.”

老師問:「你剛才說四本書,為什麼現在說八本書呢?」Teacher asked, “You just said four books, why do you say eight books now?”

中中說:「剛才您不是給了我四本書嗎?」Zhongzhong said, “Haven’t you given me four books already?”

小雪手中一枝筆 Has a pen in Xiaoxu’s hand
小雪手中一枝筆 Xiaoxue has a pen in her hand.
什麼筆?毛筆。 What kind of pen? A Chinese brush pen.
什麼毛?羊毛。What kind of hair? Goat’s hair.
什麼羊?山羊。 What kind of goat? Mountain goat.
什麼山?高山。What kind of mountain? A high mountain.
高高山上山羊跑,On the high mountains the mountain goats run.
山羊身上長羊毛,The mountain goats have long white hair.
白白羊毛做毛筆,The white hair is good for making Chinese brush pens.
毛筆好,毛筆好,Brush pen are good to use, good to use,
拿起毛筆畫隻小黃鳥。Take up the brush pen to paint a little yellow bird.

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January 15

The Story of the Monster Nian

『年』的故事 The story of the monster Nian

很久很久以前,高山上有一隻長得很可怕、很愛睡覺的怪獸。 它的名字叫「年」。
The legend says, long ago, there was a ferocious and lazy monster call Nain who lived in the mountains and always was asleep.
Every winter, the monster was up for one day.
After dark, Nian came down from the mountains to find something to eat.
年喜歡吃動物也喜歡吃人。Nian likes to eat animals as well as people.
天黑以後,大家都不敢出門。After dark, nobody dared to go out.
有一回,天還沒黑,年突然跑下山來,Once Nian came down before it was dark,
Nian suddenly heard some cracking noise, he got scared and ran away.
Nian saw someone in red sitting outside of the door, Nian was frightened away and ran back to the mountains.
Someone figured out that Nian was afraid of the color of red, Afraid to hear the sound of crackling,
Everyone put red paper on the gate, also burn bamboo to make the cracking noise.
As a result, on that night, Nian dared not come down the mountain again.
The next day everyone came out to see that everyone was safe,
everyone is safe, They said “Congratulations” to each other.
Later, Nian never came out again.
Some people say that Nian has starved to death.
從此以後,那個晚上就叫除夕。From then on, that night was called New Year’s Eve.
家家放鞭炮、吃年夜飯。Every family sets off firecrackers and eats New Year’s Eve dinner.
除夕晚上,家家祭祖。On New Year’s Eve, every family worships their ancestors,
Every family holds a memorial ceremony for the ancestors,
Children have to wish the seniors a happy new Year in a respectful way New Year’s greetings to their elders,
長輩給小孩子紅包叫壓歲錢。The elders give children red envelopes called lucky money.
第二天是新年,大家互相拜年,The next day is the New Year, everyone wishes each other a New Year,
互相說:「恭喜! 恭喜! 新年好」。Say to each other: “Congratulations! Congratulations! Happy New Year”.


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January 14

Spring is coming

Spring and the Spring Festival
Who knows how many days there are in a year?
我知道! 一年有365天。
I know! There are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year.
Who knows how many months there are in a year?
我知道! 一年有十二個月。
I know! There are twelve months in a year.
Who knows, what festival(holiday) is Chinese New Year?
我知道! 我知道!
I know! I know!
Chinese New Year is the Spring Festival.

春天到了 Spring is coming

沙!沙!沙!是誰在窗外?Sha! Sha! Sha! Who is outside the window?

我是小雪花,我只是來說聲再見,I’m a little snowflake, I have only come to say goodbye,

下個冬天,我會再來,Next winter, I will come back again,

送給你一個雪白的世界。To give you a snow-white world (a world of snow white).

沙!沙!沙!是誰在窗外?Sha! Sha! Sha! Who is outside the window?

我是小雨點兒,我只是來告訴你,I’m a little raindrop, I’m only come to tell you,

春天快來了,我要和春風,Spring is almost here, I want to be with the spring breeze,

送給你一個彩色的世界。Give you a colorful world (a world of colors).

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January 13

The trip of the Little Drops of Water

小水滴旅行The Trip of the Little Drops of water

一顆一顆小水滴都睡醒了。 The little drops of water woke up one by one.

大家說:「好舒服啊!我們去旅行吧!」Everyone said: “It feels so comfortable! Let’s go traveling!

他們唱著歌,從草原上流到小河裡。They while singing and flowed from the meadow to the small river.

一里、兩里、三里,他們唱著歌,又從小河裡流入大海裡。One mile, two miles, three miles, they sang songs(still sing), and flowed from the small river into the sea.

太陽公公說:「你們唱什麼歌?唱得真好聽!你們來天上玩吧!」Mr. Sun said, “What song are you singing? It’s so beautiful! Come up and play in the sky!”

小水滴身體變得又大又輕,他們飛起來了。The bodies of the little water drops became bigger and lighter, and they flew up.

他們抱在一起,變成一朵一朵的雲。They hugged each other and turned into clouds.

一陣風吹過來大家說:「好冷呀,我們回家吧!」When the wind blew over and everyone said, “It’s getting cold, let’s go home!”

小水滴就從天上跳下來。The little water droplets jumped down from the sky.

(the drops of water jumped back to the ground)

青蛙說:「下雨了!下雨了!」The frog said, “It’s raining! It’s raining!”

小水滴下在樹上、花上、草上……The rain drops fell on the trees, flowers, grass…

小水滴累得睡著了。The rain drops got so tired and fell asleep.

啊! 小水滴又睡醒了,Ah! The little drops woke up again,
Everyone said: “It feels so comfortable! Let’s go traveling again!


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