January 12

Song of the river

小河的歌The Song of the River


Little River Little River, What song are you singing? It sounds wonderful,

so please tell me.


“I have flown down from the high mountains, and I am sing the songs of the mountains.”「小河,小河,你在唱什麼歌?唱得真好聽,請你告訴我。」

Little River, Little River, What song are you singing? It sounds wonderful, so please tell me.”


“I am flowing towards the ocean; I am singing the song of the ocean.

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January 11

Zhong Zhong’s Front Tooth

中中的門牙Zhong Zhong’s Front Tooth

青青說:「我的門牙掉了,你看,牙仙子送給我這本故事書! 」
Qingqing said: “My front tooth fell out, look! the Tooth Fairy gave me this storybook!

Youyou also said: “Last week my front tooth fell out, and the Tooth Fairy gave me a dollar!”

中中說:「我的門牙鬆了,可是掉不下來。 」
Zhongzhong said, “My front teeth are loose, but they won’t fall out.
(but it hasn’t fallen yet)”

Youyou suggested: “Try to push it with your tongue!
Zhongzhong used his tongue to push the tooth very hard. But it didn’t work.

Qing qing suggested: “Try to bite on an apple!”

Zhongzhong bit on an apple very hard, and accidentally fell. But somehow, he slipped and fell on the ground.

中中大叫:「啊! 我的門牙掉了! 糟糕! 我的門牙不見了!」
Zhongzhong yelled: “Ah! My front tooth fell out! Oops! My front tooth is gone!”

明明說:「大家快過來! 快過來幫中中找門牙!」
Mingming said, “Everyone, come here quickly! Come here and help Zhongzhong find his front teeth!”

中中說:「找到了! 找到了! 我的門牙在這裡!」
Zhongzhong said: “I found it! I found it! My front teeth are here!”

Zhongzhong went home happily. He put his front teeth in a box and put the box and a letter under his pillow.

信上說: 「親愛的牙仙子:我想要一頂像哥哥那樣的帽子,可以嗎? 中中上」
The letter said: “Dear Tooth Fairy, I would like to have a hat like my brother’s, is that okay? Sincerely yours, Zhongzhong.


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January 10

Please open the door

請開門Please open the door
Bang! Bang! Bang! Please open the door.”
「請問你是誰?」”May I ask who you are?”
“This us Grandma Tian. I am brining some fruit for you to eat, Hurry up, Come over and open the door!”
“No, no. You are not Grandma Tian, please go away right now!”
Bang! Bang! Bang! Please open the door.”
「請問你是誰?」”May I ask who you are?”
“I’m big brother Gao. I am brining books for your dad and mail for your mom. Hurry up, come over and open the door!”
“Won’t open! Won’t open! I won’t open it, Mom and Dad haven’t come home yet, I won’t open the door for anyone.

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January 9

Uncle’s Riddle

叔叔的謎語Uncle『s Riddle

Both Zhong Zhong and his older brother said. Their uncle’s hat looked very nice.

叔叔說:「那麼我說一個謎語,你們誰猜對了, 我就把帽子送給誰。 」
“Let me tell you a riddle, and I will my hat to whoever guesses the right answer first” said their uncle.

叔叔說:「你們猜猜看,什麼動物在小的時候有四條腿,長大以後有兩條腿,老了以後又有三條腿呢?」what has four legs when young—- he said? and two legs when growing up, but three legs when old .  ask the uncle.

Zhong Zhong and his brother cannot guess the answer no matter how hard they tried.

哥哥看見一位老先生從前面走過,就笑著說:「啊! 我猜到了! 是人。  」
The older brother suddenly saw an elder walked by. I got it!  he said smilingly. The answer is human. Said the brother.

Baby crawls so he’s got 4 legs.

When he starts walking he’s got 2 legs.

Finally when he gets old, he needs a walking stick, so that when he has 3 legs.

叔叔說:「哥哥猜對了, 這頂帽子就給哥哥啦! 」
You got it right says uncle the hat is yours.

you can have it said the older brother told Zhongzhong

中中說:「 不行!  不行! 這是哥哥的。 」
No I cannot take it. It’s yours said ZhongZhong.

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January 8

Take a Guess

猜猜看Take a Guess

Every day teacher, Lin sees two children playing at her front door.

One day teacher Lin asked, Hey you two kids, who is the older brother and who is the younger brother?

Zhong Zhong immediately said Ge ge(older brother) Neither of us will tell, let her guess.

Teacher Lin smiled and said, Ah! I guessed it.  he is the older brother, and you are the younger one.

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January 6

Making a joke

開玩笑Making a Joke
One day, daddy and  Zhong-Zhong were eating lunch

Daddy said, I can eat two buns, and (also) drink a glass of milk.

Daddy ask Zhong-Zhong: How about you? How many buns can you eat?

Zhiong-Zhong said, I don’t want to eat buns, I want to eat nine heads of cattle and(also) a lot of fish.

Daddy said: Is that so? that’s really horrible!

Zhong-Zhong said: Ha Ha what I want to eat is animal crackers!



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January 5

Mother’s bird’s egg was missing

鳥媽媽的蛋不見了Mother Bird’s egg was missing.

鳥媽媽要生蛋了。 她每天生一個蛋。 到了第四天─

Mother bird laid one egg on each day. But on the fourth day—-


The mother bird took a look; there were only three eggs in the nest.

就大叫:「不好了! 少了一個! 我要去找! 我要去找! 」

Oh, No !one egg is missing! I am going to find it! She screamed


The mother bird looked for the egg on the grass, but she couldn’t find it.

小黃花兒說:「妳看! 小山羊在那兒吃青草,快去問他吧!」

“Look! Said a little yellow flower, “A goat is eating grass over there, why don’t you ask him?”

鳥媽媽問小山羊,有沒有看見她的蛋。 小山羊說:「沒看見。」

The mother bird went asking the goat if he has seen her egg, the goat said he didn’t.


The mother bird went asking a cow if he has seen her egg, the cow said he didn’t.


The mother bird went asking a gold fish if she has seen her egg, the fish said she didn’t.


The mother bird went asking a red horse if she has seen her egg, the horse said she didn’t.


The mother bird looked her egg all day long, But she couldn’t find it anywhere.


It was getting dark, she flew back to her nest crying.

蜘蛛說:「不要哭,哭沒有用,妳好好想一想,那個蛋在哪裡 。」

Spider said “Don’t cry, it’s no use to keep crying, just try to think where the egg could be.”

噢!  鳥媽媽想起來了,她今天沒生蛋,蛋還在肚子里。 The mother bird suddenly remembered that she hasn’t laid any egg today; the egg was still inside of her.

鳥媽媽一用力,就把蛋生下來了。She pushed hard and laid the egg.

啊! 鳥媽媽很高興,她的四個蛋都在鳥巢裡了,一個也沒少。

Wonderful! The mother bird was so happy that all her four eggs were safe in the nest and none of them were missing.


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January 4

Little lamb wants to eat a flower

小羊要吃花兒 Little lamb wants to eat a flower
山上一朵小白花兒, There was a little white flower on the mountain,
小羊要吃她, A little lamb wanted to eat her.
The little white flower cried and said, Please do not eat me! Do not eat me!
大黃牛看見了,就笑著說: A big yellow ox saw this, He smiled and said
小羊,花兒是看的,不是吃的。Little lamb! Flowers are for looking, not for eating.
你去找青草吃吧!Why don’t you go find some green grass to eat?
The little lamb thought for a moment and went on to find green grass to eat.

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January 3

Teaching Chinese

Paul’s father gave Paul a shirt with three Chinese characters on it.
Paul說這三個字念Wall Eye Knee。就是I Love You 。
Paul said these three words read Wall Eye Knee. Which meant “ I Love You.”
可是,中中說:「不對!不對!應該念:「 我 愛 你。」
But, Zhongzhong said: “No! No! You should read: “I love you.”
大家說 :「哇!中中會中文,真了不起。」
Everyone said: “Wow! Zhongzhong can speak Chinese, really amazing.”
The teacher wants Zhongzhong to teach everyone Chinese. Zhongzhong taught them: sun, moon, mountains, people, women,
Zhongzhong also taught them: children, horses, birds, and fish.
大家說:「Ah! Easy!Easy!」
Everyone said: “Ah! Easy! Easy!”
Zhongzhong combined the two characters to form another character.
Paul說:「Ah! Magic! Magic!」
Paul said: “Ah! Magic! Magic!”
Everyone said, “Learning Chinese is so much fun.”
大家都想學中文。 Everyone wants to learn Chinese.
Zhongzhong told everyone: “To learn Chinese, the four tones are very important.”
Zhongzhong asks everyone to repeat after him carefully:
Mom rides a horse, and the horse is slow. Mom scolds the horse
Everyone read it very carefully, but after reading it over and over again, it was still a mess.
校長看見大家都叫中中Mom! Mom! Mom!…嚇了一大跳,不知道發生了什麼事?
The principal was shocked when he saw everyone calling Zhongzhong Mom! Mom! Mom!… What happened?

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