September 2

The bookstore A

书店The bookstore
Miss, do you sell Chinese -English dictionaries here?
Which publisher would you like? Would you prefer hardcover or paperback?
I would like to see them first then decide.
The Chinese -English dictionaries are all on aisle 3. You may go and browse through them.
What other kinds of books do you sell here?
We also sell novels and magazines.
I’ll take a book first. If I see anything used for then I will buy it
Would you like to buy a copy of one of these months best selling novels.
I am not interested in novels. I’ll just buy a dictionary

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September 2

The bookstore B

來請喝茶。 Please, have tea.
咦! 你在看什麼? What are you looking at?
我在看你買的雜誌。 你看這些臺灣的風景照片都拍得好漂亮哦。
I’m looking at the magazine you bought. You can see how beautiful these Taiwanese landscape photos are.
是啊,這是很暢銷的雜誌。 我就是很欣賞這些美麗的照片,才把他們留下來。
Yeah, it’s a very popular magazine. I just love these beautiful photos so much that I keep them.
對了,上星期我買給你的小說。 喜歡嗎?
By the way, the novel I bought you last week. Like it?
喜歡! 我就放在第三排書架上。
like! I put it on the third row of bookshelves.
Next time I’ll borrow your other books.
對了。 我的表妹剛從美國來,也想看這本小說。 可是有一些生字他看不懂。 你能不能幫我買一本漢英字典呢?
Correct. My cousin just came from America and wants to read this novel too. But there are some new words he can’t understand. Can you buy me a Chinese-English dictionary?
可以啊,你要買哪一家出版社的。 精裝本還是平裝本?
Yes, which publisher do you want to buy? Hardcover or paperback?
Please help me choose a suitable one.
好啊! OK!

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September 1

Addressing People-B

Who were those two people who just said goodbye to you?
他們都是我的親戚。 一位是我的堂弟,一位是我的表妹。
They are all my relatives. One is my cousin and the other is my cousin.
堂弟? 表妹? cousin? cousin?
My cousin is my uncle’s son, younger than me.
表妹是我阿姨的女兒。 年紀也比我小。
My cousin is my aunt’s daughter. Also younger than me.
Chinese relatives are more complicated.
Do you meet frequently?
是啊,像是生日、過年、過節,我們一定團聚在一起。 Yes, like birthdays, New Years, and festivals, we must be together.
真好。 very nice.
有時候只要有空。 我們也會互相請客,一起吃飯。
Sometimes just free. We also treat each other and eat together.
我還沒吃午飯呢? 我們現在就一起去吃飯吧?
I haven’t had lunch yet? Shall we go to dinner together now?
No problem, I’ll treat you.

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September 1

Addressing People-A

稱呼Addressing People
Could you introduce me an English teacher for my cousin?
好的。 堂弟跟您有什麼樣的親屬關係呢?
Sure, what kind of relative is Tongdi to you?
He’s my uncle ‘s son on my father’s side. He is two years younger than I.
What is Ayi’s daughters called?
Those older than I are called biaojie and those younger than I called biaomei.
Chinese addressing terms for family members and relatives are very complex.
That’s true if I didn’t explain them to you, you could mix up.
Do your relatives and family often keep in touch?
是的,只要是過年過節,我們一定團聚在一起。Yes, Every Chinese New Year’s we all gather together.

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