September 1



The Banyan tree lies beside the pond; the sound of Cicada signals the start of summer.
The swing on the playground, only the butterfly rests on top.
The squeaky sound of teacher’s chalk against the blackboard continues on and on.
Waiting for the school, waiting for the end of school, waiting for the games of childhood Continue reading

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May 6


青青的草地,藍藍天 Green grass, blue sky
多美麗的世界 What a beautiful world
大手拉小手帶我走 Mother’s big hand guides the little hand of the child
我是媽媽的寶貝 I am mother’s child(treasure)
我一天天長大你一天天老 I grow up each day while you grow older
世界也變得更遼闊 The world has become more vast
從今往後讓我牽你帶你走 From this point on wards allow for the child to take care of the elder.
換你當我的寶貝 Now is mother’s turn to be the child (treasure)
媽媽是我的寶貝 Mother is our beloved Continue reading

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January 6

Build an Airplane

造飛機, 造飛機, 來到青草地。Build an airplane,  build an airplane.  Come to where the green grass grows.

蹲下去,蹲下去, 我做推進器。 Kneel down,   kneel down,    I’ll will be the propeller.

蹲下去,蹲下去, 你做飛機翼。 Kneel down,  kneel down,    I’ll make the airplane wing.

彎著腰,彎著腰, 飛機做得奇。 Bend your waist, bend your waist, the airplane is wonderful.

飛上去,飛上去, 飛到白雲裡。 Fly up;  fly up,  into the white clouds.
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